On September 11, Setwright along withTy Pennington and the “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition” design team traveled to Springfield, Massachusetts to surprise the Walker family with the door knock that can change lives. On April 6th, 2009, 11-year-old Carl Walker took his own life… forever changing the Walker family. Carl had told his mother, Sirdeaner Walker, about incidents of being bullied at school. Since his tragic death, the family have focused their energies on trying to help others by lobbying for new state and federal laws against bullying.The Walker house is a living memory of the most horrific night in this family’s life. The 3rd floor is where Carl took his own life, and as a result, the family can’t bear the sadness of that floor. Now Sirdeaner and her two children sleep in the living room, on a couch and two rollaway beds. The grandmother, who also lives with them, can’t access the 2nd floor at all, as the stairs are impossible for her. The house itself is over 100 years old and in serious disrepair, with myriad structural, plumbing and electrical problems. The “EM:HE” design team has just seven days to build a brand new home for the Walker family, a new facility that meets their current needs and also honors Carl in a positive way without the haunting memories of the 3rd floor. The Walkers have been whisked away on a dream vacation to Hollywood, while “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition” team leader Ty Pennington, designers Michael Moloney, Tracy Hutson, Jillian Harris, John Littlefield and local builders N. Riley Construction, Inc. as well as community volunteers, Including Setwright of Maine who installed the Superior Walls foundation to help build the house and bring together organizations to “stand together” in the fight against bullying.The build location is 124 Northampton Ave, Springfield, MA  01109
 In Springfield Massachusetts
Again Ty Pennington and his design team traveled  to Lyme, New Hampshire to build a new Extreme Makeover Home Edition home for the Marshall Family. After moving into their home six years ago, Jay and Elena Marshall discovered carbon monoxide leaks and rotting wood. About the same time, their six year- old son, Cameron, was diagnosed with leukemia. The Marshalls established the B+ (Be Positive) Campaign to raise money and help other families handle the emotional and financial challenges created by long-term hospitalization and chronic illness. As Jay and Elena and their eight children head to Walt Disney World, Ty and the team are joined by celebrity guest Patrick Dempsey (Grey’s Anatomy) for the week… Ty, Michael, Eduardo, Paige and the Vitales family, who had their home made over two years ago, head toward the Marshall home in Lyme. They watch video of the Marshall kids explaining how they feel about their brother Cameron having leukemia. Ty describes how the family has organized fundraising activities to give back. Ty says Cameron’s cancer is currently in remission, but the house is not safe for him to recover in due to the mold. Door Knock Day “Good morning Marshall family,” bellows Ty through the megaphone, and the big, excited family rush out to greet the bus! Ty tells them that they will spend the week in Walt Disney World while their new home is built. Ty visits Cameron’s room with him, and discovers that he’s into sports. In the girls’ room, Paige and Eduardo spot a penchant for tie-dye, and Little House on the Prairie. The eldest daughter’s room is in a closet - she is a huge fan of Grey’s Anatomy.As Ty speaks to Jay and Elena about a day in the hospital when they thought they had lost Cameron (his medication had made him catatonic), I am brought to tears, as is Ty Pennington. They explain how this experience led them to give back. The family witnesses the sea of volunteers, meet the builders from Trumbull-Nelson Construction, and receive a mystery gift from Ty before heading out in the limo for their trip. In honor of the Marshall family’s love of extreme sports an extreme demolition of their home is held! Ty and Paige visit the children at Dartmouth Children’s Hospital (CHAD) where Cameron spent time, and they contact the Marshalls from there. The family learns that Hallmark has donated $50,000 to his B+ Campaign! Ty receives some ’sick’ items for his secret room from a mystery person named Adam. The ceilings in the house reach a new height - thirty feet - and Michael heads home with the Vitales who have something they would like to contribute to the Marshalls house - some of their Angel Boy paintings. As it turns out, the Marshalls were volunteers when the Vitales home was built two years ago - so cool! It’s time for the Marshall’s to open their mystery gift in Walt Disney World - it’s a B+ t-shirt - and all the volunteers, as well as people at Walt Disney World are wearing them too! Two simultaneous walks are held on the spot, and Ty announces over $25,000 raised! As a surprise for the family, they are taken to meet Patrick Dempsey from Grey’s Anatomy! The oldest daughter screams intensely! Cameron eats clam chowder with Patrick.Before long, the house is completed and the furniture is on its way inside, however, not all the tiling is done, so Michael is charged with meeting the family and taking them to Sears to buy new clothes to buy time!  When the Marshalls finally pull up beside the bus, the crowd goes wild. “Move that bus,” is chanted loudly. The family  is completely overwhelmed by the sight of their new home.  The Vitales come forward to meet the Marshalls, and Ty says Walt Disney World has offered them a vacation as they  didn’t get one when their house was built! Ty then tells the  Marshalls to check out the house!  Elena feels the new house is like a dream - tons of screaming  ensues as Ty comes in and asks what they think of their new  home. He points out the Angel Boy paintings, and makes note of  the air cleaning system they installed.  The youngest girls have prairie wagon beds in their room, the next  two girls have a colorful room filled with butterflies and tie-dye, the  eldest daughter has her own proper room (not a closet) and she  and Ty scream into each other’s faces when he comes in. The boys  love their sports themed room - especially the B+ walls and the  skateboards all over the place.  In the restful, exquisite master bedroom, Jay and Elena embrace.  Ty then gathers the family and says he got in touch with a fellow  New Hampshirite - Adam Sandler! He tells them to go check out his  new closet - it’s full of signed hockey sticks! Adam jokes about how  he presumed they would like his autograph on everything! He  compliments Cameron for being brave and changing a tragic  situation into a postive.  Ty herds everyone outside to play a game of hockey in the over-  sized driveway. He ends with, “Welcome home, Marshall family,  welcome home!”  Photos Courtesy: ABC, Fox44, vnews
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